Range of Services

What we can do for you

Curiosity, the willingness to learn, and exciting client projects shape our workday. Over the years, we have utilized various projects and technologies, some of which, like Adobe Flash or Macromedia Studio, have become practically extinct. Nonetheless, we have successfully implemented many exciting projects using these tools. Through constant development of software, hardware, and, above all, internet capabilities, we currently primarily employ JavaScript and PHP to create software solutions. This covers the majority of our clients' needs in both the backend and frontend domains.

Custom Software Solutions

We program custom, not only browser-based applications such as backends and tools based on Angular, Electron, Ionic, and REST. These applications run internally within companies and are compatible with common desktop computers and mobile devices. Developing and working with both our own and third-party interfaces is part of our repertoire, as is crawling and normalizing data from public and private sources.

Digitization of processes and workflows

We analyze our clients' current workflow processes and offer corresponding digitization solutions. A central database solution for hundreds of employees not only saves physical storage space but also streamlines the entire company. Digitized workflows can be extended through interfaces, thus increasing competitiveness. Ultimately, it is the client's decision whether they want to save money through digitization, grow faster, or outperform their strongest competitor. Browser-based custom software enables your employees to work equivalently from the office or home office.


Tracking of material issuance for manufacturing, throughout all manufacturing steps, including external suppliers, until storage, quality control, and delivery to the customer. Data analysis and forecasts based on the collected data. Similarly, tracking of serialized parts and raw materials in compliance with aviation regulations. Both RFID chips and 2D barcodes can be used for data tracking. The seamless transition between chip and barcode is facilitated by a unified database. Process history can be visualized and archived long-term at any time.


Development and revision of CMS based on standard solutions such as WordPress, Joomla, Contao, or TYPO3. Troubleshooting and bug fixing for individually programmed websites and content management systems. We adhere to standards such as SCSS, Bootstrap, gulp, Webpack, npm, and Vue. As for technology, we rely on PHP, MySQL, and (Vanilla) JavaScript.


We provide support, plugin and interface development, and customization for various webshops, such as Shopware, Magento, Gambio, XTC, Modified, etc. We can also integrate payment and shipping modules for you, as well as develop individual interfaces to platforms like PayPal, Netto, Norma, Groupon, Business Central, etc.