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– why walk when you can fly!

Our customers appreciate our past. Almost a thousand websites, portals, interfaces, apps, and custom solutions leave traces and inspire confidence. There is hardly anything we haven't already done; everything is tailored individually to the customer. Therefore, we are your first point of contact, no matter how crazy the idea or how complex the task!

itspoon GmbH

Founded in 2006, we have been engaged in software development in the front-end and back-end areas for 18 years. Our customers seek individual solutions rather than mass-produced software for their specific business challenges. Due to the strong variability of the projects we receive, we consider ourselves to be experts in the field of custom software. Over the years, we have increasingly specialized in the supplier industry, specifically in the aerospace sector. We are now fluent in this field and can easily take on new tasks.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you. Contact us now at +49 911 97 91 31 07 or info@itspoon.com


Software development

Planning and programming of customized software solutions. Ask for references!


We bring separate systems together. If needed, we also connect analog and digital worlds.


Visual preparation and analysis of data from various sources.


Development of custom planning tools.